Senior Healthcare Support Worker - AP02 03/17 | Highfield Assessment

Version AP02 03/17

Highfield Level 3 End-Point Assessment Kit for Senior Healthcare Support Worker

Highfield Level 3 Gateway Readiness Report for Senior Healthcare Support Worker

Written Submission Sheet - This document must accompany written work when submitted to Highfield Assessment.

To make it easier to access the information you need, we also provide this EPA-kit in its individual sections, which can be accessed using the links below:

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Mapping

Section 3 - The Highfield Approach

Section 4 - Delivering the Standard

Section 5.1 - Gateway Instructions

Section 5.2 - Gateway Readiness Report

Section 6 - Assessment Summary

Section 7 - Assessing the Multiple Choice and Short Answers

Section 8 - Assessing the Practical Observation

Section 9 - Assessing the Learning Journal

Section 10.1 - Mock Assessments and Templates

Section 10.2 - Mock Assessment - Adult Nursing Support

Section 10.3 - Mock Assessment - Maternity Support

Section 10.4 - Mock Assessment - Theatre Support

Section 10.5 - Mock Assessment - Mental Health Support

Section 10.6 - Mock Assessment - Children and Young People Support

Section 10.7 - Mock Assessment - Allied Health Professional

Section 10.8 - MCQ Answers

Section 10.9 - Test Guidance and Mark Scheme

Section 10.10 - Learning Journal and Interview

During this period of Covid-19 disruption, the following temporary discretion has been agreed, for this standard, until further notice:

The observation assessment may be replaced with a reflective statement written by the apprentice and validated by an expert witness. This will be followed by a question and answer session of up to 30 minutes with an independent assessor.

The toolkit information accessible below, has been updated to reflect this temporary change:

Reflective Statement Learner Guidance

Reflective Statement Evidence Template

Reflective Statement Matrix Template (PDF)

Reflective Statement Matrix Template (WORD)