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Here you will find Highfield Assessment's policies, as well as relevant application forms.

Complaints Procedure - This document sets out the Highfield Complaints Procedure and applies to Highfield Approved Training Providers and other organisations Highfield may work with for the provision of End Point Assessment (EPA) services.

Enquiries and Appeals Procedure - Highfield’s Enquiries and Appeals Procedure is designed for a party who wishes to challenge the outcome of an EPA decision made by Highfield Assessment. The document sets out the process you should follow when submitting appeals to Highfield and the process we will follow when responding to enquiries and appeals.

Reasonable Adjustments Policy - Reasonable Adjustments may be granted in circumstances which address and help to reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty which would substantially disadvantage a learner during an examination or assessment situation. This policy applies to Training Providers and learners Highfield may work with for the provision of EPA services.

Special Considerations Policy - This policy sets out Highfield's approach to Special Considerations. The policy and associated arrangements will be kept under continuous review by Highfield to ensure appropriateness and effectiveness. In particular, a formal review of these arrangements will be carried out at least annually as part of our annual self-evaluation activities.