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Introducing Highfield Assessment

Highfield is the 2023 end-point assessment organisation (EPAO) of the year. Working with some of the UK’s most recognisable brands, we ensure that apprentices receive a fair, consistent and reliable end-point assessment (EPA) as part of their apprenticeship programme.

What makes us stand out from our competitors are our:

  • efficient and effective scheduling process
  • immediate assessment capacity
  • consistent quality
  • fast results turnaround
  • unbeatable customer service

We currently provide EPA services for a total of 73 apprenticeship standards and assess thousands of apprentices across these standards. We also offer a full range of assessment services, support and advice to help you and your apprentices achieve your goals.

For a full list of the apprenticeship standards we support, simply visit here.

To find out more, call us on 01302 363277 or drop us a line at