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What is End-Point Assessment?

End-Point Assessment (EPA) is the way in which apprentices are assessed at the end of their programme. Previously, apprentices were continuously assessed throughout their learning. With EPA, apprentices now have their work and competence assessed at the end of their learning, against ‘apprenticeship standards’ established by groups of employers, educators and sector organisations known as ‘apprenticeship trailblazers’. 

How does EPA work?

What an apprentice is assessed on is determined by something called the ‘assessment plan’. This is produced by the trailblazer group (the same group that defines what apprentices should learn). Assessment plans focus on the knowledge, skills and behaviours (or the ‘KSBs’) that an apprentice will have learned during their training. The KSBs can be evaluated by a variety of assessment activities including examinations, assignments, interviews or observations at work. The assessment plan for each apprenticeship standard makes it clear which methods need to be used during assessment. 

When does the EPA take place?

Before EPA, apprentices must complete their on-programme training. They must also complete all the mandatory aspects of the apprenticeship standard they are learning, as well as any other work specified that will be assessed. This second part is known as ‘gateway’. Once gateway has been achieved, the apprentice can be put forward for their EPA by their employer or training provider. 

Who carries out the EPA?

An independent end-point assessment organisation (EPAO) must be involved in the EPA of each apprentice, so that all apprentices following the same standard are assessed consistently.  

Selecting an EPAO

The EPAO must be chosen by the employer and be an organisation that sits on the Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations that is approved to deliver EPA in the apprenticeship standard being taken by their apprentice.

Unless stated otherwise by the assessment plan, employers cannot select an apprentice’s training organisation to be the EPAO. 

What does end-point assessment cost?

The cost of each end-point assessment varies according to the requirements set out in each individual assessment plan. This can include the assessment methods, duration and location.

The cost of an end-point assessment will not usually exceed 20 percent of the funding band maximum. This does not, however, mean that end-point assessment must cost the full 20 percent.

We calculate the cost of end-point assessment based on the cost to deliver. You can find a full outline of our fees here:


Who pays, and when is payment due?

Payment for end-point assessment is made from the employer’s National Apprenticeship Service account, with the actual payment routed through the main provider.

Once the arrangements and price of end-point assessment have been agreed with the employer and end-point assessment organisation (EPAO), this must be detailed in the contract between Highfield and the main provider.

What about resits and retakes

Our fees are open and transparent from the very first moment you speak to us. We are always upfront about costs so there are no nasty surprises further down the road.

This means that the price of end-point assessment including the provision of resits and retakes will be discussed and agreed with the employer and provider before any contract is signed, giving peace of mind and value for money.

Once agreed, all prices are detailed in the contract with the main provider and on the employer confirmation form.

Want to know more?

As a registered end-point assessment organisation, we'll be happy to provide expert advice and guidance. Call our dedicated EPA team on 01302 363277 or drop us a line at info@highfieldassessment.com

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