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Preparing for End-Point Assessment Guide - Healthcare Assistant Practitioner

End point assessments following the below documentation will only be allowed to undertake End-point assessments until the 18th July. From the 19th July all End Point Assessments undertaken for the Healthcare Assistant Practitioner must follow the new documentation and requirements on versions 2.0, found here.

Highfield Level 5 End-Point Assessment Kit for Healthcare Assistant Practitioner V1.8

Highfield Level 5 Gateway Readiness Report for Healthcare Assistant Practitioner

Written Submission Sheet - This document must accompany written work when submitted to Highfield Assessment.

To make it easier to access the information you need, we also provide this EPA-kit in its individual sections, which can be accessed using the links below:

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Mapping

Section 3 - The Highfield Approach

Section 4 - Delivering the Standard

Section 5.1 - Gateway Instructions

Section 5.2 - Gateway Readiness Report

Section 6 - Assessment Summary

Section 7 - Assessing the Multiple Choice and Short Answers

Section 8 - Assessing the Practical Observation

Section 9 - Assessing the Reflective Journal and Interview

Section 10.1 - Mock Assessments and Templates

Section 10.2 - Mock Assessment - Mock Examination

Section 10.3 - Multiple Choice Questioning Mark Scheme

Section 10.4 - Reflective Journal Templates

Exam conditions check list for Highfield Remote Invigilation


During this period of Covid-19 disruption, the following temporary discretion has been agreed, for this standard, until further notice:

The observation assessment may be replaced with a reflective statement written by the apprentice and validated by an expert witness. This will be followed by a question and answer session of up to 30 minutes with an independent assessor.

The toolkit information accessible below, has been updated to reflect this temporary change:

Reflective Statement Learner Guidance

Reflective Statement Evidence Template

Reflective Statement Matrix Template