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End-Point Assessment Resources - Creative and Design

Preparing for End-Point Assessment (EPA) Guides

Highfield’s Preparing for End-Point Assessment (EPA) Guides have been developed to help employers, training providers and assessors navigate their way through the EPA process.

Also known as EPA-kits, each one has been designed to give you everything you need to get to grips with EPA for a particular standard. Put together using our extensive knowledge of EPA and the expertise of our subject matter experts, we’ve ensured that each kit is engaging, authoritative and relevant.

EPA-kits are used mainly by training providers and employers to support apprentices, but may also be of use to employers and assessors.

For: training providers, employers


Apprenticeship Learner Journey Guides 

Highfield’s Apprenticeship Journey Guides provide key timelines for the end-point assessment process for each apprenticeship standard.

The timelines visually explain the order of events for apprentices taking particular apprenticeship standards. They also include an example of Highfield’s end-point assessment (EPA) process.

For: apprentices, training providers, employers