Highfield Assessment

End-Point Assessment Resources

We have used our knowledge of end-point assessments and the expertise of our subject matter experts to create resources to support our assessors and apprentices.

Our EPA-kit is the main resource our employers, training providers and assessors use to navigate the EPA process.

The EPA-kit is designed to outline all you need to know about the end-point assessment for a particular standard. This document is predominantly used by the training provider to support the apprentice and covers:

  • a section focused on delivery, where the standard and assessment criteria are presented in a suggested format that is suitable for delivery
  • guidance on how to prepare the apprentice for gateway
  • detailed information on which part of the standard is assessed by which assessment method
  • a section focused on each end-point assessment method where the assessment criteria are presented in a format suitable for carrying out ‘mock’ assessments
  • mock assessments and mark schemes
  • suggestions on how to prepare the apprentice for each part of the end-point assessment

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Highfield utilises a purpose-built IT system to schedule end-point assessments, track learners’ progress and ensure that assessment evidence is securely stored and quality assured effectively.

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