Customer Service Specialist AP02 | Highfield Assessment

The latest version of the Customer Service Specialist EPA-kit is provided below:

Highfield Level 3 End-Point Assessment Kit for Customer Service Specialist

Highfield Level 3 Gateway Readiness Report for Customer Service Specialist

Written Submission Sheet - This document must accompany written work when submitted to Highfield Assessment.

Portfolio of Evidence Matrix Sheet 

Work-based project mapping document

Work-based project report example template

Mock Assessment Materials Practical Observation

Mock Assessment Materials Professional Discussion 

Mock Assessment Documentation Work-Based Project

During this period of Covid-19 disruption, the following temporary discretion has been agreed, for this standard, until further notice:

The observation may be replaced with witness testimony from someone familiar with the apprentice’s work.  The apprentice would then be assessed through Q&A with an external assessor.

The toolkit information accessible below has been updated to reflect this temporary change:

Witness Testimony Guidance

A Guide to Writing Witness Testimonies                 

Witness Testimony Record

Witness Testimony Matrix Sheet (PDF)

Witness Testimony Matrix Sheet (WORD)