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Supply Chain Practitioner (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

Highfield Assessment currently provides end-point assessment services for the ST0201/IfATE v1.0/AP01 version of this standard. 

Apprentices who started their apprenticeship on or after 24/11/2017 will be assessed against ST0201/IfATE v1.0/AP01.

All general forms, guidance and support documents relating to end-point assessment are available here.

The EPA-kit is your complete guide to end-point assessment for this standard. The latest version can be found below:


The following documents must be submitted as part of the end-point assessment. Check the EPA-kit to determine when these must be submitted to Highfield.  

Gateway Readiness Report

Project Proposal Approval Form - please indicate if you are selecting a project brief from the bank of briefs (project briefs are available here)

Written Submission Form

Use our mock assessment materials to help prepare for end-point assessment. Guidance on how to conduct a mock assessment can be found in the EPA-kit. You can also access our online mock exams here.

Mock Knowledge Test 1

Mock Knowledge Test 1 – Mark scheme

Mock Knowledge Test - Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Mock Knowledge Test - Fast Moving Consumer Goods - Mark Scheme

Mock Assessment Form – Workplace Project and Presentation

Mock Assessment Form – Professional Dialogue

This guide provides a timeline for the end-point assessment process for this standard including the order of assessment activities.  

Apprenticeship Journey Guide