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Aviation Ground Specialist

Highfield Assessment currently provides end-point assessment services for the ST0038/IfATE v1.2/AP02 version of this standard. 

Apprentices who started their apprenticeship on or after 03/10/2018 will be assessed against ST0038/IfATE v1.2/AP02.

All general forms, guidance and support documents relating to end-point assessment are available here.

The EPA-kit is your complete guide to end-point assessment for this standard. The latest version can be found below:

EPA-kit (Aircraft Handling)

EPA-kit (Aircraft Movement)

EPA-kit (Flight Operations)

EPA-kit (Passenger Services)

The following documents must be submitted as part of the end-point assessment. Check the EPA-kit to determine when these must be submitted to Highfield.  

Gateway Readiness Report (Aircraft Handling)

Gateway Readiness Report (Aircraft Movement)

Gateway Readiness Report (Flight Operations)

Gateway Readiness Report (Passenger Services)

This guide provides a timeline for the end-point assessment process for this standard including the order of assessment activities.  

Apprenticeship Journey Guide