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Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Technician Apprenticeship Standard

What you need to know about the Highfield Level 3 End-Point Assessment for Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Technician

Highfield are ready and able to deliver End-Point Assessment for the SHE Technician standard. Readiness is defined as having necessary administrative and systems infrastructure and associated internal quality assurance policies and procedures to support Highfield’s end-to-end End-Point Assessment service.

Who is this Standard for?

This apprenticeship is for individuals working in organisations of varying sizes and in various industries. The SHE technician will work with the management and delivery team of the organisation to advise on the statutory health, safety and environmental requirements as they affect the company’s operations. They will assist the management team in ensuring that the legal and company SHE requirements are implemented. As an apprentice, your role will depend on your employer. Amongst other aspects, you will assist to develop, review and check on the implementation of safe systems of work, deliver training (e.g. toolbox talks & inductions), investigate incidents, analyse data and present findings to the management team.

Programme structure

This is a level 3 apprenticeship standard that has a typical duration of 24 months.

Assessment Plan

This standard is currently being assessed against two different versions of the assessment plan. The assessment plan to be selected is determined by the apprentice's on-programme start date. For more information, please visit here.

End-Point Assessment Methods (AP02)

  • Knowledge Exam - 11 two-part questions (multiple-choice questions and open-response questions)
  • Work Project Report & Associated Presentation
  • Professional Discussion

End-Point Assessment Methods (AP03)

  • Knowledge test
  • Project report and presentation with questioning
  • Professional discussion underpinned by portfolio of evidence

You can find resources to prepare for and support end-point assessment for this standard here.

Apprenti-kit - The effective delivery of this standard can be supported by the Level 3 Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Technician Apprenti-kit.