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Pharmacy Services Assistant Apprenticeship Standard

What you need to know about the Highfield Level 2 End-Point Assessment for Pharmacy Services Assistant

Who is this Standard for?

The Pharmacy Services Assistant (PSA) works under the supervision of a Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, or other accountable healthcare professional. The PSA provides a variety of pharmacy and medicines services to patients, the public and other professional healthcare teams. The PSA supports the delivery of pharmacy services in a variety of pharmacy environments.

A PSA will be involved in supporting the supply, preparation and assembly of medicines and products. A PSA will issue these to patients and other healthcare professionals and assist in providing advice to patients, helping them to make effective use of their medicines. They will be responsible for ordering and receiving medicines, as well as their storage, disposal and return.

Programme structure

This is a level 2 apprenticeship standard that has a minimum duration of 12 months. 

End-Point Assessment methods

  • Knowledge Test
  • Simulated Observation with question and answer session
  • Professional Discussion

Highfield plan to be ready to deliver end-point assessments for the Level 2 Pharmacy Services Assistant standard by June 2020. Readiness is defined as having necessary administrative and systems infastructure and associated internal quality assurance policies and procedures to support Highfield's complete end-point assessment service.