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Healthcare Support Worker Apprenticeship Standard

What you need to know about the Highfield Level 2 End-Point Assessment for Healthcare Support Worker

Who is this Standard for?

This apprenticeship is for individuals working within a healthcare environment. Healthcare support workers work as part of a team providing high quality and compassionate care to individuals. They carry out well-defined routine clinical duties like monitoring an individual’s conditions (by checking things like blood pressure, temperature or weight), checking on their overall progress, comfort and wellbeing. They prepare individuals for healthcare activities carried out by other members of the healthcare team and look after them before, during and/or after those activities in line with their care plan. Healthcare Support Workers work in a range of healthcare settings and their team may include workers from both health and social care. 

Programme structure

This is a level 2 apprenticeship standard that has a minimum duration of 12 months.  Apprentices will be placed in healthcare role and supported by a tutor to achieve the Healthcare Support Worker standards, as well as Level 1 maths and English qualifications. 

Assessment Plan

This standard is currently being assessed against two different versions of the assessment plan. The assessment plan to be selected is determined by the apprentice's on-programme start date. For more information and to access the full EPA kit and Gateway Readiness Report for each version, please visit here.

Endpoint assessment methods (IfATE v1.0 / AP01):

  • Multiple-choice test
  • Observation
  • Evidence portfolio and interview

Endpoint assessment methods (IfATE v1.1):

  • Observation of practice with questions
  • Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence

You can find resources to prepare for and support end-point assessment for this standard here.

Apprenti-kit - The effective delivery of this standard can be supported by the Level 2 Health Care Support Worker Apprenti-kit.