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Operations or Departmental Manager Apprenticeship Standard

What you need to know about the Highfield Level 5 End-Point Assessment for Operations or Departmental Manager

Who is this Standard for?
This apprenticeship is for individuals working within a management role in any business. An operations or departmental manager is someone who manages teams and/or projects and has responsibility for planning, delivering and achieving departmental goals and objectives as part of the organisation’s strategy. They are accountable to a more senior manager or business owner and may work in the private, public or third sector in any size of organisation. 

Programme structure
This is a level 5 apprenticeship standard that has a typical duration of 30 months. Apprentices will be in a management role and supported by a tutor to achieve the Operations or Departmental Manager standards, as well as Level 2 maths and English qualifications.

Assessment Plan

This standard is currently being assessed against two different versions of the assessment plan. The assessment plan to be selected is determined by the apprentice’s on-programme start date. For more information, please visit here.  

End-Point Assessment methods (AP02):

  • Knowledge test
  • Competency-based interview
  • Presentation and Q&A on work-based project
  • Professional discussion
  • Portfolio of evidence

End-Point Assessment methods (AP04):

  • Professional discussion, underpinned by portfolio of evidence
  • Project proposal, presentation and questioning


You can find resources to prepare for and support end-point assessment for this standard here.

Qualification - We have developed the Highfield Level 5 Diploma in Operations and Departmental Management (RQF) that maps directly to the standard.

Apprenti-Kit - The effective delivery of this standard can be supported by the Level 5 Operations-Departmental Manager Apprenti-kit.