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Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship Standard

What you need to know about the Highfield Level 5 End-Point Assessment for Operations/Departmental Manager

Who is this Standard for?
This apprenticeship is for individuals working within a management role in any business. An operations/departmental manager is someone who manages teams and/or projects and has responsibility for planning, delivering and achieving departmental goals and objectives as part of the organisation’s strategy. They are accountable to a more senior manager or business owner and may work in the private, public or third sector in any size of organisation. 

Programme structure
This is a level 5 apprenticeship standard that has a typical duration of 30 months.  Apprentices will be in a management role and supported by a tutor to achieve the Operations/Deparmental Manager standards, as well as Level 2 maths and English qualifications.

Assessment Plan

Apprentices who started their apprenticeship on or after 04/03/2019 will be assessed against ST0385/AP02.

Endpoint assessment methods

  • Knowledge test
  • Competency-based interview
  • Presentation and Q&A on work-based project
  • Professional discussion
  • Portfolio of evidence

Highfield are ready and able to deliver end-point assessment for the Operations/Departmental Manager standard. Readiness is defined as having necessary administrative and systems infrastructure and associated internal quality assurance policies and procedures to support Highfield’s end-to-end end-point assessment service.

EPA kit - To access the full EPA kit and the Gateway Readiness Report for this standard, please visit here.

Apprenticeship Standard and EPA Timeline - this document (available here) supports employers, training providers and apprentices by providing them with the clear time frames required to complete each stage of the apprenticeship and end-point assessment journey, through to ESFA certification. 

Qualification - We have developed the Highfield Level 5 Diploma in Operations and Departmental Management (RQF) that maps directly to the standard.

Mapping Document - This shows how our Apprenti-kit supports the requirements of this standard, and is available in the downloads area below.

Highfield-Kit - The effective delivery of this standard can be supported by the Level 5 Operations-Departmental Manager Apprenti-kit.

Pricing - The price of the end-point assessment for this standard is:

Remote digital delivery £1050

Face-to-face delivery £1346

Our pricing is based on the respective assessment plan. Please contact us on 01302 363 277 to speak with a member of our EPA team who will be happy to provide you with any further information regarding our pricing.