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End-Point Assessor Opportunities with Highfield Assessment

We’re looking for experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals who would like the opportunity to conduct end-point assessments (EPAs) in their area of expertise

You don’t need to have carried out assessments before. It’s your recent experience and knowledge of the industry we really want We’ll give you all the training, support and standardisation you need. Not to mention a nationally recognised qualification in end-point assessment and a competitive daily rate.

So what’s your pathway to becoming an associate assessor with Highfield?

First, you’ll need to complete our application form and send it to us alongside a copy of your CV. To download this form as an editable PDF, please right click on it and select 'Save Link/Target As'. You can then save this document, edit it and send it to us at HArecruitment@highfield.co.uk

If we have an immediate demand in your sector and you meet our requirements, we’ll arrange an interview. If you are successful after this stage, then you will be invited to attend our induction training.

What is End-Point Assessment?

End-point assessment is, in a nutshell, the assessment an apprentice must take at the end of their learning. Apprentices used to be continuously assessed during their learning, but with EPA, it now takes place at the end of their learning when the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of their job roles are assessed.

You can find out more on the details of EPA on our ‘About Us’ page.

Why we need professionals like you

EPA must be carried out by industry experts with recent hands on experience Which is why we need you.

EPAs must be independent and fair, as well as consistent and reliable. Each apprentice needs to be treated the same, and the same standard applied.

EPAs must also be robust. After all, you’re the industry expert. You know what the job requires.

And you’ll know better than anyone whether an apprentice has the what it takes to make it in your profession.

What we think you’d get from being an assessor

We’ll provide you with training and a national recognised qualification. You’ll also get opportunities for work to fit your schedule, paid at a competitive rate.

And, you’ll have something good to put on your CV about your commitment to learning and development.

But it’s about more than that.

You’ll get the chance to make a real difference to your industry, and to the people in it.  As well as ensuring your profession has the highest standards possible.

In short, you’ll be giving something back. Which is perhaps the best bit.

End-Point Assessment Specifications
Our role description is available here 
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