Highfield Assessment

Preparing for End-Point Assessment Guide - Concierge Supervisor

The latest version of the Hospitality Supervisor - Concierge Supervisor EPA-kit is provided below, alongside the latest version of the gateway readiness report for this standard:

Highfield Level 3 End-Point Assessment Kit for Hospitality Supervisor - Concierge Supervisor Pathway V1.6

Highfield Level 3 Gateway Readiness Report for Hospitality Supervisor - Concierge Supervisor

Written Submission Sheet - This document must accompany written work when submitted to Highfield Assessment.

To make it easier to access the information you need, we also provide this EPA-kit in its individual sections, which can be accessed using the links below:

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Mapping

Section 3 - The Highfield Approach

Section 4 - Delivering the Standard

Section 5.1 - Gateway Instructions

Section 5.2 - Gateway Readiness Report

Section 6 - Assessment Summary

Section 7 - Assessing the On-Demand Test

Section 8 - Assessing the Practical Observation

Section 9 - Assessing the Business Project

Section 10 - Assessing the Professional Discussion

Section 11.1 - Mock Marking Grids - Practical Observation

Section 11.2 - Mock Marking Grids - Professional Discussion