Highfield Assessment


We offer a range of qualifications that already meet the criteria established in the apprenticeship standards and fulfilling the needs of employers, educators and learners. We are also specialists in developing bespoke qualifications to meet more specific needs where requested. Our qualification offer includes:

  • providing qualifications where they are mandatory as part of the apprenticeship standard
  • the development and approval of qualifications where they are not mandatory but desired
  • bespoke and ready-made qualification bundles that match the knowledge, skills and behaviour (KSB) requirements of the apprenticeship standards

The qualifications we currently have available include:

Endorsement - Highfield can endorse and accredit your own programmes, whether you are an employer or a training provider. If you already have your own well-established programmes, this may be your preferred option. Information on our full range of qualifications is available from Highfield Qualifications.